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Other Circuits Otros Circuitos - Circuit And Wiring DIagram Free

Other Circuits Otros Circuitos

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Other Circuits Otros Circuitos -
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Other Circuits Otros Circuitos

Other Circuits Otros Circuitos,
Other Circuits Otros Circuitos,
Compuesto de conector Se uuliz.i con frecuencia en los diagramas para indicar la ubicacion exacta de los cables en los conectores. Hace mucho mas facil la localizacion de los cables y la solucion de problemas. Control circuit Usually this refers i0 circuits that control other circuits. A relay is an example of a control circuit, whereas a low current circuit is used to control a higher current circuit. Grcuito de control Suele referirse a circuitos que controlan otros circuitos. I'n rele seria un Parallel circuit An electrical circuit thatallows current to flow in various branches without affecting the operation of the other circuits. Circuito paralelo Un circuito elecritcal que permite que la corriente fluya en varias

ramificaciones.sin afectar la operación de los otros circuitos. Pawl A lever that pivots on a shaft. When lifted, it swings freely and when lowered, it locates in a detent or notch to hold a mechanism stationary. Trinquete Una palanca que gira en una flecha. Levantado, mueve Metripack connector pecial wire connectors used in some computer circuits. They seal the wire terminals frfom the atmosphere, thereby preventing corrosion and other damage. Conector metripack os conectores de alambres especiales que se emplean en algunos circuitos de computadoras. Impermealizan los bornes de los alambres, así preveniendo la corrosión y otros daños. Millisecond Equals 1/100th of a second. Milesegundos Equivale a 1/100 de un segundo.

Molded Interruptor.Un fusible mecánico que abre el circuito cuando la intensidad de amperaje es excesiva. En la mayoría de los casos, el interruptor se reengancha al eliminarse la sobrecarga. Clamping diode A diode thatis connected in parallel with a coil to prevent voltage spikes from the coil from reaching other components in the circuit. Diodo de bloqueo Un diodo que se conecta en paralelo con una bobina para prevenir que los impulsos de tensión lleguen a otros componentes en el There is another pitfall in too ready a deference to E.M. theory on circuit matters. The electric field E in E.M. theory does not include all that can be accommodated by the E in expression (1) and (2). To do that, one of the equations of E.M.

theory.would require change. This will be brought out in a further letter.3 REFERENCES [1] Baldwin, J. A. et al., 'Maxwell or Kirchoff ,IEEE Spectrum, 13, p. 30, (March 1976). [2] Carson, J. R., 'Electromagnetic theory and the foundations of electric circuit Se enumcran algunos otros rasgos de construccidn de cventualcs circuitos tridigitales. 1. As the ultimate scope of this three valued system of logic is to lead to the design of base three digital circuits, reference will frequently be made to the three levels representing the three different truth values, which we shall call: dash ( — ) or high level, zero (0) or The choice of operators was based on the criterion of maximum simplicity of the physical circuits used to

perform.the functions.Integrated circuit (IC) A large number of diodes, transistors, and other electronic components, all mounted on a single piece of semiconductor material and able to perform numerous functions; sometimes called a chip. Circuito integrado (IC) Gran número de diodos, transistores, y otros componentes electrónicos montados en una sola pieza de material semiconductor y capaz de realizar numerosas funciones; también conocido como chip. Kilo One thousand. Kilo Mil. KOEO Key on APPENDICE A APPENDIX A APÉNDICE A PLAN A LONG TERME DU RSFTA LONGTERM AFTN PLAN PLAN A LARGO PLAZO DE LA AFTN LEGENDE / LEGEND / CLAVE О Centre principal (et national) / Main (and National) centre / Centro principal (y nacional) О Centre

national./ National centre / Centro nacional ^^^^ Circuit principal / Trunk circuit / Circuito principal Autres circuits / Other circuits / Otros circuitos — Procédures de liaison à définir / Link procedure to be defined thyristors are connected m series is the voltage equalising or grading circuit, consisting usually of a series capacitor and resistor (R, and C1) in parallel with each device to swamp variations in capacitance and stop oscillation due to switchon transients, and a resistor (R2) across these to balance variations in leakage current, International Rectifier has devised a very compact spiral connexion layout system with inherently good control of stray capacitance, another important factor.Breaker a heatactivated

electrical.device used to open an electrical circuit to protect it from excessive current flow. Interruptor Dispositivo eléctrico activado por el calor que se utiliza para abrir en circuito eléctrico a fin de protegerlo de un flujo excesivo de corriente. British thermal unit (Btu) The amount (quantity) ofheat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water 18F. Unidad térmica británica Cantidad de calor necesario para elevar en 18F (217.568C) la temperatura de una libra 

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